I Offer A Full-Spectrum Of Creative & Strategic Services.

Whether you're looking for ongoing senior-level help, someone on an as-needed basis, or your team just needs extra bandwidth and a crisp, new approach to drive projects forward, I'll jump in, dive deep, and deliver value across the following four areas:


Product / UX Strategy

Internal teams can get stuck cycling around the same product issues over and over, but bringing in the 'fresh eyes' and feedback of someone who isn't already part of the conversation can lead to surprising new insights, ideas, solutions - and results.

  • Is your product's overall flow working? What does ideal user engagement look like - and how can we 'reverse-engineer' that behavior?
  • Is your information hierarchy and messaging as clear as it can be? What are the blind-spots - invisible to the internal team - that block funnel conversion, or other goals? My eagle eyes will find them.
  • Once a user is converted, how can we level-up your product's on-boarding process, to ensure that a their initial experience with your product is as intuitive - and positive - as possible?


Brand Development

Circumnavigate the built-in overhead, bureaucracy, and bloated budgets that come from working with an agency. Instead, turn directly to my talented design partners and I for the following:

  • Brand Identity - Attributes, Positioning, Messaging, Brand Voice + Cross-Platform Communications 
  • Visual Identity - Logomark, Typography, Colors, Patterns, Iconography + Usage Guidelines
  • Creative Services - Graphic Design, UX/UI, Video Production, Photography, Illustration, Packaging + Print


Content Strategy

15+ years of content development & copywriting experience, as well as a Masters Degree in Creative Writing makes language a central part of my toolkit. 

So, you need (a) [product/brand name, website, keynote speech, video script, investor deck, press release, thought leadership article, blog post, employee manual, Appstore copy, user guide, social media content, on-boarding screens, sales collateral, ad creative, support templates, overall content strategy, or any other kind of written material]

Oh good, I can help. I'm a solid editor, too. I'll kick up whatever you have up x 10.


Creative & Campaign Ideation

What kind of promotions, integrated campaigns, experiences and ephemera can we create that'll leave a deeply resonant impression on the audiences you're seeking to influence? As a highly imaginative, conceptual thinker, each user-centered idea is built with the intention of forging a meaningful connection with your brand. 

  • What's your brand's larger narrative; the wider conversation that you can truly own - and how can we establish you as the dominant voice in that space?
  • How can we provide genuine value to your users upfront, endearing them to your brand, long before they're ever prompted to register/purchase?
  • How do we want your users to *FEEL* by being in proximity to your brand? What are the various touch-points that we can activate when your audience is most receptive?