With 15+ years of experience in marketing and communications, I've flexed my strategic and creative muscles on a wide variety of projects. Some of my favorites have included:

  • Building the brand of a beloved tech company from scratch - prior to it being acquired for >$1B

  • Re-naming & messaging a digital agency, allowing them to own the conversation on long-term thinking

  • Writing the cover story for an internationally-published magazine dedicated to collective progress

  • Producing and curating a day-long, 200+ person innovation conference

These days, however, my focus is more singular: I consult early-stage startups as an ongoing, hands-on external resource. My clients represent a cross-section of different verticals, but each entrepreneur and team I work with is dedicated to bringing a new product or service to market that seeks to truly improve life for their users. 

While my engagements generally involve helping to articulate a company’s brand, refining the product's end-to-end user experience and ideating ways to communicate its true value to relevant audiences, I’m always open to discussing any kind of project where I can contribute meaningfully. Take a peek at some of the services I offer, and if you'd like to explore the possibility of working together, feel free to drop me a line here or email me directly at am@allimagidsohn.com to get the conversation rolling!